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Consultation Fees

Meeting the needs of the Bendigo community.

Fees for General Consultations

Cancellation Fee


Bendigo Primary Care Centre requires 24 hours' notice for appointment cancellations.  Failure to attend - without 24 hours notice - will incur a $40 fee.


All outstanding fees must be paid before another appointment can be booked.

Failure to Attend Charge = $40.00

Important information about the cost of your healthcare

After much consideration, Bendigo Primary Care Centre has made the difficult decision to adopt a private billing model to continue to provide the high-quality care that our patients deserve.

The change will be effective from Monday 5 December 2022.

Payment on the day of consultation will be required for all fees.


Medicare Rebates

It is important that you present to reception following all consultations to ensure any Medicare rebates can be processed for you as promptly as possible.

Indicative Costs at Bendigo Primary Care Centre

Bendigo Primary Care Centre has made available an indicative fee schedule to help you better understand the costs that might be associated with your healthcare.


There are a wide variety of independent businesses and providers with an extensive range of experience and skills at Bendigo Primary Care Centre. Therefore costs may differ from those indicated. Your Doctor will discuss this with you.


All fees and charges are at the discretion of our service providers.


Bendigo Primary Care Centre’s Care Providers are committed to working with you to ensure that cost is not a barrier that would prevent you from receiving the care you need. Please discuss your needs and potential costs at the start of each consultation.


Cancellation Costs

Bendigo Primary Care Centre is one of our region’s busiest clinics, servicing more than 18,000 regular patients. Because of this our service providers are regularly fully booked and also have waiting lists.


We require at least 24 hours' notice to manage cancellations and ensure others waiting can be offered the appointment. If 24 hours’ notice is not provided, or an appointment is unattended, a minimum $40 cancellation fee will be charged.


Bendigo Primary Care Centre is unable to book appointments for patients with outstanding accounts.


Different fees may also apply to Workcover, TAC, or insurance-related consultations.

Service Continuity

If your regular provider is away or unavailable, you may be offered an appointment with another Doctor. This does not indicate a transfer of care and your regular Doctor will remain so. If you wish to transfer your care to a Doctor other than your regular GP, your case will need to be accepted by the receiving GP. Please see reception for the appropriate form.


Other important information for you

Please note the Medicare Safety Net may apply in helping to offset your overall healthcare costs. For more information, please visit

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