There are a number of elements to the teaching program at the Bendigo Primary Care Centre.

First year registrars, residents and interns are all offered one-on-one weekly education sessions with an experienced GP. During your placement, these sessions are tailored to your learning needs and can include case reviews, learning a particular skill such as completing a Pap Smear and STI screen or learning more about managing complex medical problems such as diabetes.

All the GPs in the centre provide on-the-spot teaching with junior doctors offered the opportunity to observe procedures or conduct examinations or meet with patients with less common medical problems. Registrars, residents and interns are also offered the opportunity to sit in with allied health professionals such as podiatrists, diabetes nurse educators, mental health nurses and the reception team to learn all aspects of a primary health centre.

Weekly education program

A weekly education program is provided for all staff working in the centre and all registrars, residents, interns and students attend these sessions along with other health professionals working in the centre. A typical three-month might look like this:

1 Survival skills in general practice Clinical Director
2 Common GP presentations GP
3 Supervising and teaching skills Medical educator
4 GP computer program – electronic medical record Clinical Director
5 Skin quiz GP with special interest in skin conditions including skin cancer
6 Aged care in general practice Geriatrician
7 Using a dermatoscope GP with special interest in skin cancer
8 Mental health issues Mental health nurse
9 Dealing with difficult patients GP with special interest in managing alcohol and drug addiction
10 Musculo-skeletal issues in general practice GP with special interest in musculo-skeletal medicine
11 Poly-pharmacy issues Pharmacist
12 Men’s health GP with special interest in men’s health