Bendigo Primary Care Centre offers placements for medical and nursing students, allied health (including podiatry and pharmacy) and medical administration/reception students. Working in partnership with a variety of education providers including Monash University, La Trobe University and Bendigo Health, a range of customised clinical placements will be established.

Teamwork, inter-professional learning and coordinated health care is a feature of our clinical placement model because it is essential in comprehensive healthcare management. You will be encouraged to learn with and from your student peers and clinical supervisors in a range of disciplines in formal teaching sessions, inter-discipline workshops and case conferences, and throughout your day-to-day interactions with patients and staff.

Medical students

We currently serve as one of the regional general practices in which Year 4 Monash medical students are based for one day a week during their regional clinical placement rotation. See the Bendigo Regional Clinical School web site for information about the program.

Nursing students

Nursing students with the La Trobe University Rural Health School (Bendigo) may do a clinical rotation at the centre. Nursing students will be exposed to learning opportunities with a range of community health issues and will also learn some fundamental skills which you will use in your nursing career. You will be supported by nurse tutors and a number of different primary health care professionals.

Other learning opportunities

We provide a range of formal and informal learning opportunities for all staff and learners. A comprehensive list as well as how to arrange attendance is given at the start of each rotations. The opportunities and formats may include:

  • regular profession-specific as well as inter-professional tutorials
  • one on one supervision
  • case conferencing
  • skills workshops
  • recorded consultations with feedback
  • action research projects
  • formal lectures
  • facilitated online and video teleconferencing learning activities

Placement enquiries

You should direct enquiries about a placement at the clinic to the clinical placement coordinator for your course or contact us if you need help locating a clinical placement coordinator.