During a Pre-vocational General Practice Placement Program (PGPPP) rotation at the Bendigo Primary Care Centre, doctors attend an orientation program, weekly clinic education sessions and a GP registrar workshop. In addition, each PGPPP doctor will have a weekly one-on-one education session with an experienced GP which is tailored to each doctor’s learning needs. This might include:

  • learning to conduct a pap smear and well women’s check
  • learning how to complete a mental health referral or
  • observing a procedure commonly conducted in GP clinics such as a biopsy of mole.

At the beginning of a rotation, PGPPP doctors will typically see one patient per hour with their supervisor reviewing each visit. As experience with the computer systems and the general practice setting grows, patient appointments increase to a maximum of three patients per hour (20 minutes per patient).

A typical week for a PGPPP doctor can look like this:

Monday Patient appointments Aged care visits  

One-on-one education sessions

Patient appintments

Patient appointments
Wednesday Patient appointments

Attend aged care case conference

Patient appointments

Thursday Patient appointments

Thursday forum

Patient appointments

Friday Patient appointments Patient appointments  


Some comments from our recent PGPPPs:

Having my independent consulting area but knowing that support was available if and when needed [was the best part of my placement].

[While at the clinic the most important thing I learned was that] clinical challenges can be more easily managed by careful thorough assessment, each member of the team has something to offer and it’s extremely worthwhile to acknowledge that.