The Bendigo Primary Care Centre provides a wide range of health services. You can access some directly. For others you need a referral from a general practitioner.

Medical Practice Direct access services
Please phone for an appointment with your general practitioner (GP). You can also see one of our doctors “on the day” if you cannot get an appointment with your usual doctor or do not have a doctor. Phone to make an appointment before you come in. You do not need a referral to see one of our general practitioners.

All Services currently operating at Bendigo Primary Care Centre

  • Medical Practice Services
  • Practice Nursing Services - Chronic Disease Management, Immunisations
  • Dressings, removal of sutures 
  • Dorevitch Pathology - OPEN 5 days Monday to Friday - 8.30am - 4.30pm
  • Musculoskeletal Clinic - Dr Dennis O'Connor
  • Skin Check Clinic -  Dr Sajjad Muhummed, Dr Andrei Cheng and Dr Gav Singh
  • Bariatric Surgeon - Dr Clough
  • Physiotherapy - Mr Scott Robbins
  • Dietitian
  • Diabetic Educator

Dorevitch Pathology 
Bendigo Primary Care Center now offers Dorevitch pathology at our centre 5 days a week. 

Dorevitch Pathology is open:
Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm

Continuing care
We have a comprehensive team of general practitioners, nurses and other allied health professionals who work together to promote wellness and help you maintain your health.

You can book an appointment with any of our doctors but if you would like to see the same doctor at every visit, we recommend booking appointments with one of our permanent doctors. If your usual doctor is unavailable you can see one of our other doctors who will have the same access to your health records. You can be confident they have all the information they need to ensure continuity of your care.

Preventative care services 
If you need help to learn to live better with ongoing health issues, a whole team of health professionals is available for education, support and treatment. The team includes:

  • nurse consultant educators in diabetes, kidney conditions, lung conditions and others
  • dieticians
  • musculoskeletal doctor
  • skin cancer doctor
  • diabetes educators

Where needed general practitioners and medical specialists will contribute to your healthcare. These services will be arranged as part of a comprehensive care program initiated by your doctor.



Any patient who has a health care card, pension card or who is under 16 years of age will be bulk-billed. Please bring your Medicare Card and relevant concession card. 

All other patients will be privately billed at the doctors discretion, with a medicare rebate available to those who hold a current medicare card. 

Cancellation fee
If you fail to attend an appointment without calling to cancel at least 24 hours ahead, you may be billed for non-attendance.

Test Results
If your doctor has requested that you have tests you will need to make an appointment at the time suggested by the doctor, to review the results of your tests. If the results of the tests are deemed urgent or non - urgent you will be contacted by a staff memeber at Bendigo Primary Care Centre and asked to come and see your doctor

Communication assistance
If you require an intepreter for your consulation or you have a communication impairment, you can arrange with our staff prior to your appointment to have necessary assistance available to you at the time of your consulation. Please ensure that staff are aware of this at the time you make your appointment

Returning calls
If you wish to speak to the doctor over the phone, a receptionist will traige your call. The recptionist will speak to the doctor who will either take your call or call you back at an appropiate time or advise the receptionist on an appropriate course of action.

Afterhours Arrangement
In an emergency call 000 or 112 from a mobile telephon. Should you require medical care after hours please contact Bendigo Health on 5454 6000. GP Helpline 1800 022 222, or nurse on Call 1300 606 024 may also be of assistance. The National Home Doctors Service can do after hours visits to your home - contact on 13 74 85  


Musculoskeletal Clinic at Bendigo Primary Care Centre  
From July 2012, Dr Dennis O'Connor (MB, BS Dip RACOG, Dip Musc Med, GCHPE) has been running a dedicated musculoskeletal clinic on Thursday afternoons at Bendigo Primary Care Centre. The Clinic provides an opinion and management advice on any acute musculoskeletal problem. It is not designed as a long term management clinic and as such patients will be referred back to their treating doctor or allied health professional for ongoing management.

Referrals can be sent to Dr O'Connor at Bendigo Primary Care Centre via fax on 5441 8602 or post to 123 Arnold Street, Bendigo 3550.
The first initial consulataion will take 20-30 minutes and follow up appointments taking approxiamately 10-15 minutes. 
Please contact Bendigo Primary Care Centre on 5441 8622 for further information.

Skin Cancer Checks
We now have skin cancer clinics operating from our centre every Tuesday afternoon, these are preformed by Dr Sajjad Muhammad, Dr Andrei Cheng and Dr Gav Singh.
If you are at high risk (personal history of skin cancer, relatives with melonoma, skin that burns easily), have some suspicious looking moles/sunspots or were after some more information regarding these clinics please contact the centre to arrange an appointment.

Bookings are essential

We are also a training practice 
The centre has been a training site for Monash University medical students for many years, we now also have students from many different tertiary institutions. 
As we have grown we have expanded to include training for nursing students and postgraduate medical students.

Emergency advice
In certain circumstances you may need to contact a doctor via telephone for emergency advice, should the GP be unavailble to take your call , you will either be put through to a triage nurse or a message will be delivered to the GP on your behalf.